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Jacek Yerka. "Learning walk"

Jacek Yerka. “Learning walk”

I am the man of the future.
Every day I get up
and I read the horoscope
to know what will bring the day.
I speculate in the stock market
the possible vagaries of the economy
and I compute the next inversion
with a surgical precision.
I buy life insurances
to bend the hand’s fate
before it reaches me out
without any mercy,
and I check the weather forecast
to gain
time both in the heaven
and on the earth.
I am the man of the future.
I look always ahead.
I project my life before life
and my death before death.
I never look back to the past.
The memory does not hurt me.
The past time is a brittle delayer.
The gone days fall around me
as dead skin
that detaches unnoticed.
Today is time
that stretches out forward,
it is the projecting moment
and the long term planning.
Tomorrow is the hour.
Tomorrow the possibility.
Today is the hope.
I am the man of the future.
If you want to talk with me
leave your message
and I will schedule an appointment to you.
I am the man of the future.
Now is not possible, maybe tomorrow.