I, Horacio Lobos Luna

Yo guaguaOn a cold day of April, in 1970, a few days before autumn by these latitudes, I was born in Vallenar, a small city (a kind of at least) of Chile… Well, maybe it was not so cold, because we live in a valley at the end of Atacama Desert, and still in April is quite hot here. Anyway, three years after I was born (1973) the coup d’état came and one of the cruelest dictatorships was established in our country.  Nasty days and years.  Though in a lost city in Atacama Desert lots just went on with their lifes as they could.

Yo en la escuelaIn 1984, at age of fourteen, I discovered my pasion for reading and writing from the hand of Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury and some authors of what was called latinoamerican boom: Julio Cortázar, Mario Vargas Llosa, Juan Rulfo, among others.  At the same time, the latin rock movement started to rise coming from Argentina, where the english music was rejected because of the Malvinas War against England, and new rock references showed up in Chile too, with one of the most important for our generation: Los Prisioneros, a chilean rock band that played rebellious music, defying the censorship of the military government.  Crazy and terrible days.

Foto Uni Plaza Serena seccionProtests and rebellion brought the end of dictatorship (with a great cost), and in 1988, when I was exactly eighteen years (the proper age to vote), a referendum was called, so we could vote against the dictactorship and in favor of democracy, at last.  That gave way to “democratic governments”, or at least that’s what we were told.  But over twenty years of that sort of “democracy”, people start to scream again about justice and equality… in fact, they never stopped to scream about.

Thirty years have passed since I wrote my first stories, at the age of fourteen.  They all are pierced by the experience of almost a life, watched and registered from this small city at the end of the Atacama Desert.

From my remembered Vallenar, that seems to go fading away under the eagerness of modernity and progress, I have written this stories and texts to an imaginary world about to come… or not.

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